hi im alice/f/18

woah i rlly don’t like this activity thing throwing my blog’s declining graph into my face every time i glance to the right of the screen like fuck off man just let me do my thing

uploading selfies is so stressful i can’t believe there are people on this website who do this everyday

lol this activity thing is making me feel even worse about my tumblr

i just won a sled race on club penguin and got rlly excited and then i realized im 17 and i was probably playing against a 7 yr old

jake bugg’s voice tho <3

i literally got a nintendo ds wtf does tumblr do to me


aha thanks amazon so considerate

omg the people from my school have the most depressing blogs holly shit i thought i was depressing but you should see them all they post about is how much they hate everyone and how much they want to die and weed (SO MUCH WEED GOD GET OVER YOURSELVES) and they’re all in a little tumblr circle so it’s like this never ending competition of “who is more depressed” 

i think everyone knows what i will be doing for the next 50 years


miserywalk replied to your post: i finally bought sims 3 seasons ahhhh :)))))

oh, i downloaded the sims 3 two day ago and can’t stop playing omg haha

i played for like six hours straight yesterday